Karate is a martial art and system of self-defence that originated hundreds of years ago in Okinawa, but was generally influenced by an even older tradition from China. “Karate do” means “way of the empty hand” referring to the way its practitioners use no weapons to defend and attack, but only hands feet and body. Karate is founded on a grand philosophical and spiritual tradition based on Bushido and Zen Buddhist principles. Through hard training and practice, karate develops not only the body, but also the mind and character.


ETHOS SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB is affiliated to the Japan Karate Association, the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organisation.  Instructors and Students are amongst medals winner in regional, England and UK competition.  


Ethos Karate run by the people love the purity of the Art, our instructors are working professional in society and are student themselves and are qualified JKA England instructor, DBS certified and fully Public Liability as well as Professional Indemnity insured.



Sensei Kieran O'Brien - 2nd Dan JKA.

Sensei Kieran started training in Shotokan karate in 1992, and over the last 23 years has learnt karate through some if its greatest masters. He currently trains with Sensei Ohta at the Budokwai.

Sensei Kieran has a good understanding of the practicalities of karate and would be able to help anyone at any level.


Sensei Joseph Do – 2nd Dan JKA

Sensei Joe is an Engineer by profession started Karate in 2006 but quickly picking up the art due to the Jiu-jitsu training at a young age. Sensei Joe has been training weekly with Sensei Ohta London in the last 3 years, in 2011 and 2012 represented Ethos in Regional, England and UK competition and has reached final round for all events with the Senior Dan Kata category.

Sensei Joe believes in the Ethos of Karate and is working hard on himself, his peers and his students toward its goal.



Ethos Classes for 2015


Sandown Sport Centre, Esher, Surrey

Open to Adults and Children from the age of six - Families Welcome

Sandown Sports Club, More Lane, Esher, Surrey, KT10 8AN



Thursday 8.15pm to 9.45pm - Open to Beginners through to Dan Grades for Adults


Cheam Leisure Centre, Cheam, Surrey

Open to Adults and Children from the age of six - Families Welcome

Cheam Leisure Centre, 336 Malden Road, Cheam, SM3 8EP(Large Studio at the back)


Saturday 11:30am to 1:00pm




For further information please email EthosKarate@gmail.com